Zoe Edwards

Zoe is a Registered Nutritionist, bringing over 7 years of experience from the health and fitness industry.  She truly believes we are what we eat and works closely with her clients to not only transform their meals, but transform their life. Zoe also has a background in the personal development industry as a Certified Life Coach and fitness coach. However, in later years she has turned her focus solely towards nutrition as she believes that this is one of the most important areas when it comes to our health and wellness.

Zoe is based on the Gold Coast and is available for appointments now.

Zoe’s Services

30 Day Plant Based Challenge

Are you looking to become healthier, overcome health problems and feel energetic? A plant-based diet is the only one shown to reduce your risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, obesity and some forms of cancers. The 30 Day PB Challenge has been created to help you to easily transition to a plant-based diet.

Mind-Body Weight Loss

Your 6-week transformational program to reach your weight loss goals through nutrition and subconscious relearning with Nutritionist Zoe Edwards and Clinical Hypnotherapist Brad Buchanan. This is a one of a kind program addressing not only nutrition needs but also the mind.

Plant Based Pregnancy

A plant-based diet is a healthy choice at every stage of life, including pregnancy and breastfeeding. A healthful, well-planned plant-based diet provides all the nutrients you and your developing baby needs. Zoe has just had a baby and had a very successful and healthy pregnancy, delivering a beautiful healthy baby girl.

Post Pregnancy Health Plans

After having a baby everything changes, your body changes, you look and feel different, but you can bounce back to become a happier, healthier new you! With the right nutrition and exercise program, you can bounce back, looking and feeling great. Having so much energy to look after your little baby. 

Women’s Health

If your looking to look & feel great, have more energy & always feel younger. Then we can help you with the right nutrition, you can achieve all of this and more. 

Let’s start your healing journey today!