Fertility & Women’s Health

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In modern day society, the trend is to have children later in life and often only in our late twenties or early thirties. Research has shown that the median age of a mother having her first child in Australia, is 31.5 years of age. This in itself may have an impact on fertility and attempts to conceive. At present, according to research, one in six couples experience difficulties to conceive, which creates stress and impacts on a couple‚Äôs ability to conceive.

Acupuncture as a treatment for fertility could start at any stage. Whether you are in the midst of trying to conceive naturally, or doing IVF, or even near the end of your pregnancy, acupuncture, which is a holistic procedure, may be able to assist you on your journey.We all have different needs, and our Acupuncture Practitioner Megan Davern, would love to assist you and develop a treatment plan tailor made for you on your fertility journey

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