Acupuncture Pre & Post Pregnancy

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Acupuncture to Support Women During Pregnancy

What should be an amazing journey, may often turn into a stressful period due to various factors impacting on a woman’s body. As a pregnant woman’s body goes through rapid changes, she may suddenly feel at odds with her own body. This creates tension and anxiety. It is very important for you to find support during this time. Our Acupuncture practitioner, Megan Davern, who is passionate about fertility and women’s health, is here to support you during this time with care, understanding and addressing your discomforts.

Unpleasant symptoms such as acid reflux, insomnia, developing high blood pressure, nausea (morning sickness) often during the whole day, bleeding and spotting (to name but a few), can turn your life upside down. Acupuncture is a holistic treatment that may alleviate these unpleasant pregnancy symptoms. Megan Davern, would love to provide you with the support you need during your pregnancy. Acupuncture is not harmful to pregnant women, but rather a beneficial and holistic treatment assisting pregnant women through the various stages of their pregnancy

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Acupuncture for support after childbirth

After the birth of a child, women go through a complex mixture of hormonal, emotional and behavioral changes as the body begins to return to normal. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can be of invaluable assistance during this recovery period and help with increasing lactation, stress management, promote a healthy digestion, returning the body to its pre-pregnancy vitality and vigour.

Many acupuncture points exist on the body which may be stimulated to calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety after the birth of a child.

Megan Davern, would love to support and assist you to have your best motherhood experience after the birth of your child.

Let’s start your healing journey today!