Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss.

Hypnotherapy is beneficial when we have a negative associations to food, when we feel we can’t stop eating the wrong types of foods and when we feel we can’t reduce the portion size.

Have you are tried to reduce the amount of food?
Have you tried to change types of food you are consuming?

And then when you begin to try you actually find that you
begin to eat even more or more of the wrong foods that you are trying to stop eating?

Many people use will power to try to break their eating habits. This will last until your will power weakings the tiny bit and that old habit pattern comes back in.

Habits have nothing to do with the conscious mind. Habits
are part of the sub conscious mind. With hypnosis we have the ability to access the sub conscious mind.

This is why Hypnotherapy is so successful.

Mind-Body Weight Loss Program

Your 6 week transformational program to reach your weight loss goals through nutrition and subconscious re-learning.

with Clinical Hypnotherapist Brad Buchanan and registered Nutritionist Zoe Edwards

Let’s start your healing journey today!