Quit Smoking

Why should I stop Smoking?

We all know Smoking is bad for your health and damages nearly every organ in the body. Every time you light up is harmful. Not only does it affect the individual smoking by causing permanent damage to their body it can also affect those around them. Smoking impacts your quality of your life. Not too mention breaking the bank account. An average smoker spends over $5,000 a year on cigarettes.

Side effects associated with smoking include:

• Stroke
• Lung and heart disease
• Blood clotting
• Unhealthy/discoloured teeth
• Cerebrovascular disease
• Anxiety and stress
• Mood stimulation

Are you ready to free yourself from Smoking…
man jumping from a rock

Have you tried several times to put down the pack for good but haven’t been able to follow through?

Many people use will power to try to break their smoking habit. Which often only lasts a short period of time and then the old habit pattern returns. Habits have nothing to do with the conscious mind. Habits are part of the sub conscious mind. With hypnosis we have the ability to access the sub conscious mind.

This is why Hypnotherapy is so successful.

Would you like to kick this habit without feeling cravings ever again? What if we could change that program in your sub conscious from one of a smoker to one of a non smoker? Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation uses your own mind’s subconscious to remove triggers and connections that drive you to smoke and replace it with a new healthy program as a non smoker.

We can help you make this change today.

Make 2022 the year you quit Smoking… for good!

Let’s start your healing journey today!