PTSD / Trauma

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What is PTSD / Trauma?

PTSD /Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape or natural disaster. Individuals suffering from PTSD / Trauma may have flashbacks, severe anxiety, nightmares, insomnia, they may feel agitated, irritable, hostile, hyper vigilant.
Individuals may have self destructive behaviour or be emotionally detached.

Fear is a natural human response and it is important as humans to have these responses as it keeps us safe. It is the fear response in the body that tells us there is danger and we must act. At times, these natural responses become out of proportion for the situation or circumstance.

If you are experiencing PSTD / trauma you know this to be extremely uncomfortable, debilitating and impacts your quality of life.

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The unwanted belief has been created from a past negative experience. The belief being that certain situation or circumstance is very dangerous and the sub conscious mind being the protective part of the mind has created this belief and fear to keep us away from this dangerous situation to protect us, so we do not have to experience a similar situation.

If you are experiencing PTSD or trauma you know this to be extremely uncomfortable and debilitating. Certain places or people can trigger this fear response, a situation that was similar to the past event that created the belief. For example if an individual experienced a bad car accident, know when the individual hops in a car this severe fear come over them. This fear can be out of proportion for the present situation.

How can Clinical Hypnotherapy help with PTSD / Trauma?
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With Hypnotherapy we have the ability to access the sub conscious mind, this is the part of the mind that deals with emotions, protects us and where we hold our beliefs. This is where we can find the root cause of the trauma.

Once we have found the root cause we can obtain the learning and understanding, release the emotion in order to change the belief. From the current belief creating that this out of proportion fear and to the new belief where you are able to have a rational response.

Let’s start your healing journey today!