What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a natural human response and it is important as humans to have these responses as it keeps us safe. It is a fear based response in the body that tells us there is danger and we must act.
At times, these natural responses become out of proportion for the situation or circumstance. There are many types of anxiety, PTSD, Generalised Anxiety, Panic disorders, social anxiety, fears and phobias and OCD. If you are experiencing this you know this to be extremely uncomfortable.

I hear a lot that anxiety is a fear about the future. I tend to agree and disagree with this statement. In a lot of ways it is, as we are usually expecting something to happen or not to happen which creates this fear. The reason why we are experiencing this out of proportion fear is that we have created a belief which has been continued from an event and if we leave this unaddressed than we continue to attract the same circumstances in our lives and we will continue to play this pattern over and over again.

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How can Clinical Hypnotherapy help with Anxiety?
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Now with Hypnotherapy we have the ability to access the sub
conscious mind, (this is the part of the mind that deals with
emotions. This is where we can find the root cause, where the belief started. Once we have found the root cause we can obtain the learning and understanding and then we can release the energy / emotion in order to change the belief. From negative belief creating this out of proportion fear and to the new belief where you are able to have a rational response.

Let’s start your healing journey today!