Brad Buchanan

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Brad Buchanan is a qualified and highly skilled Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki trainer and Energy Healer, who specialises in assisting those with trauma, anxiety, chronic pain, and mum’s-to-be who are interested in experiencing Hypnobirthing.

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Anxiety is a natural human response and it is important as humans to have these responses as it keeps us safe. Anxiety is a fear response in the body that tells us there is danger and we must act. At times these natural responses become out of proportion for the situation or circumstance, that is when issues arise and this is when help should be sought out.

PTSD / Trauma

PTSD / Trauma is an emotional response to a traumatic situation. The type of circumstance can differ from each person but are often situations where either themselves or some close has had their life and or well be in serious threat of survival. When people are faced with these life threatening situations often PTSD /Trauma will follow.

Social Anxiety

Individuals who suffer from social anxiety have an excessive fear of situations in which one may be judged, worry about embarrassment or humiliation or concern about offending someone. Social anxiety is uncomfortable and can be extremely debilitating on social interactions but you can recovery from this disorder.

Fears / Phobias

This is a belief that has been created from a past negative experience. The belief being that certain objects, places, situations, feelings or animals are frightening and the sub-conscious mind has created this belief to keep us away from this dangerous situations. Serious fears/phobias can stop us from leading healthy well-balanced lives but you can recover from this disorder.

Quit Smoking

Have you tried numerous times to quit smoking, you know the risks, the cost is overwhelming but you still struggle to put an end to the addiction?

Clinical Hypnotherapy has the ability to access the sub conscious mind to remove triggers and connections that drive you to smoke and replace with a new healthy program.

Weight Loss

Have you tried to reduce the amount of food you consume? Or tried to change the types of food you are consuming?

And then when you do begin to try and change your habits, you end up finding that your eating even more of the wrong foods than you perhaps were at the beginning?

Clinical Hypnotherapy has the ability to access the sub conscious mind to remove triggers and connections that drive you to make unhealthy food choices and replace them with a new healthy mindset.

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